Hard Drinking, Bar Brawling Mayor Plans to Keep His Job (Video)

Last weekend Sheboygan Mayor Bob Ryan went on a three-day bender that involved at least one fight and inappropriate comments to a bartender. Ryan admits to all that and says he needs to address his drinking problem, but swears it will not affect the remainder of his term. He promises to remain completely sober for the duration.

Meanwhile, the Sheboygan City Council, to whom he has apologized, plans to ask for his resignation, according to WLUK TV. It seems they've heard that tune before. In 2009, a video surfaced on YouTube of Ryan making drunken, insulting comments at a local bar, and the mayor asked the City Council for forgiveness. "Alcohol will never again play a role in my future," Ryan told them.

Of course the council is aware that this most recent escapade comes three weeks before he is scheduled to face a judge over a sexual harassment complaint filed by Angela Payne, who at the time was the city's director of human resources. She alleges he made drunken advances toward her and fired her when she didn't comply, according to the Sheboygan Press.

Ryan told Fox 11 that it's more the distraction of his antics, rather than the antics themselves, that affects his ability to do a good job for the city. He also said the pressure of the deposition he gave in preparation for the sexual harassment trial probably had something to do with his most recent, alcohol-infused behavior. Still, he doesn't blame the City Council for asking for his resignation, and that he is personally humiliated by his actions.

But that doesn't necessarily affect his ability honorably fulfill the remainder of his term, he reasons. He says the public scrutiny associated with his job is what helps keep him on the straight and narrow...sort of. Still, he promises if it happens one more time, he will definitely "walk away."

Sheboygan Mayor Apologizes for YouTube Video in 2009

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