The Top 10 Free iOS and Android Games -- July 2011


The second glorious month of summer will soon come to close. After wiping that single tear from your cheek, remember that with a new month comes a list of (mostly) new free games to try on your Android or iOS device.

Look, we know you're putting off that summer reading (or helping the tikes with their book reports), until the last week in August. So, at least do it in style. Click each title to head over to its download page:

Top 10 Free iOS Games:

1. Stickman BMX Free
In this second outing by Traction Games, players must guide likely the most extreme-looking stick man, named simply Stickson, through 60 plus BMX courses filled with hidden paths. Players can pull off a litany of tricks, but with spike pits and Death himself awaiting your treads, expect to crash ... a lot.

2. Prize Claw
Long gone are the days of dropping $10 worth of quarters for that awesome Homer Simpson doll. Game Circus LLC brings the grab machine right into your iPhone, allowing you to collect over 60 prizes across a bunch of different grab machines. A grab machine that you can play sans quarters? Count us in.

Futura Head in a Jar
Futura Head in a Jar

3. Nuts!
You can probably already guess what this gem is all about. Limbic Software puts you into the role of a bushy-tailed squirrel as it climbs trees in search of coins (not nuts...?). Climb as high as you can, avoiding obstacles like icy zones and power-ups like the fireball.

4.Doodle God
No, this is nothing like Doodle Jump, thank heaven. This game allows players to play out God's role in creation as you mold four basic elements together with your fingers into (almost) everything in existence. Along the way, you'll come across a litany of poignant or hilarious sayings and create over 100 advanced combinations.

5. Pokerist
Wha? Where's Zynga Poker? Anyway, this mobile poker simulator for features standard and VIP tables with each player's face displayed. Alright, I'm not afraid to admit it: I'm terrible at poker. But hey, don't let that discourage you. Poker fans, why not give it a shot? It has Facebook Connect and in-game chat, too.

6.Futurama Head in a Jar
Fine, this (pictured above) isn't a full-blown game like the rest on this list, but it has avatar creation! While that's pretty much all it is, MTV Networks has made a game that lets you create heads in jars--just like in the show--and share them with their friends via Facebook. And who doesn't love Futurama? At least it's funnier than the Simpsons. (Flame away in the comments.)

7.Rollercoaster Builder Travel
Man, if Super Mario World was titled this literally, it would be "Man Jumps on Turtles." The game is about as bare-bones as the name, tasking players with creating roller coasters that will reach the end of the linear level unharmed, collecting as many coins as possible along the way--because roller coasters just got to have coins.

Zenonia 3
Zenonia 3

8.Texas Hold'em Poker Pro
(Another poker game? Ugh, what to say...) Oh, sorry. Well, this game allows players to invite new and old friends to their tables, send them gifts and chat with them using status bars. Oh, and it has Facebook Connect and integrated music options, too.

9. CataGugl
The successor to Smack that Gugl by Yann Le Coroller, this version has players catapulting the Gugl rather than smacking it, hence the name. The game also has voice acting and original music, as well as leader boards. Though, we're kinda lost on why Coroller didn't go with "Throw that Gugl"--would have been genius.

10. Zenonia 3
Legend of Zelda fans: This is your new ish for August. Released by Gamevil, Zenonia throws players into an isometric roleplaying action adventure spanning 136 quests and hundreds of maps. Players can choose from four unique classes, and go toe-to-toe with their friends in three player vs. player modes.

Top 10 Free Android Games:

1. Angry Birds
Again?! Seriously, no one can top these wingless birds? They need a slingshot to travel for Pete's sake! And I'm tired of this naming convention trend it started. If I see one more game titled using only a cute adjective and some type of woodland creature, I'll write angry letters! Watch yourselves.

2. Angry Birds Rio
... No words can express the rage.

Burn the Rope
Burn the Rope

3. Words with Friends Free
Well, at least it's an intellectual game. Run by Zynga since its acquisition of Newtoy (now Zynga with Friends), the game is a turn-based game of Scrabble with anyone around the world. Between that and the added chat features--but minus the ads--what else could you want in a word game?

4. Burn the Rope
This popular game (pictured above) by Big Blue Bubble pits you in the scorching-hot shoes as the most adorable flame we've ever seen. Your goal? Tilt your phone to keep the fire going on a series of increasingly more complex ropes and knots to score the most points. This'll put that gyroscope to good use.

5. Angry Birds Seasons
Look, I'm tired of this. You all know what Angry Birds is--it's the Mickey Mouse of mobile gaming. I'm not going to tell you anything you didn't already know about this game, so just go and play it already. We'll see you back here for winter break.

Drag Racing
Drag Racing

6. Drag Racing

Another returning champ that bumps up another spot, Creative Mobile's racing game allows players to drive and tune up over 50 cars ripped from the real world. Blast past players with nitrous online in a Veryon SS, or tune an Integra to perfection for the Pro League.

7. Blast Monkeys
These poor monkeys return (and hop up two spots) to be shot to their peril through a cannon in hopes of--what else?--bananas. Yobonja allows players to shoot Moki the monkey through a number of puzzles to grab all the bananas. And don't forget those hidden ones.

8.Fruit Slice
Wait ... that sounds familiar. Halfbrick, creator of Fruit Ninja, better be on the phone with somebody, because this game spared nothing in its source of inspiration. We're sure this one is appealing due to the lack of a price and all, but trust us: If slicing fruit for hours is your shtick, go with the real deal.

9. Aliens Invasion
In this side-scrolling shooter, players survive wave after wave of aliens that look strikingly similar to those in that famous 80s movie with Sigourney Weaver. iTreeGamer included 12 different guns to puts the intergalactic bugs down with, and three different difficulty levels.

10. Racing Moto
This DroidHen game (pictured right) is a take on the classic Spy Hunter style of racing games. Players control a biker that must avoid other vehicles as it passes them by tilting the phone and tapping the screen to accelerate. The game will take players through several environments as they boost their scores.

[Image Credits: Apple, Google]

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