Office Humor: Fast-Food Workers Flummoxed by Funnymen [Video]

Would you like fries with that?

Employees at fast-food restaurants tend to have fairly simple, repetitive days at work. The process of taking customers' orders, preparing food and serving it as quickly as possible is an oft-thankless job. Some jokesters from around the world have made an effort to spice up their fast-food experiences, providing employees with opportunities for laughter or (in some cases) leaving them shaking their heads thinking, "I don't get paid enough for this!"

Cone-ing Is the New Planking

Leave it to Australia to come up with new "viral" trends that spread worldwide. Alki Stevens decided he was "over" the planking fad that's swept the Internet, and came up with "cone-ing" as his idea of a suitable replacement.

Magic in the Drive-Thru

A young magician named Rahat has recently taken his skills off the stage and into his driver's seat at various drive-thru restaurants. He's both surprised and delighted fast food employees with his "smoking burger" and "floating money" routines, both featured below.

Singing an Order at McDonald's

A "family life education" group based in New Zealand took to a local McDonald's and brightened an employee's day by singing their order. Don't miss the ending with her response!

Todrick Hall Sings Starbucks

According to Hall, this is "what cool kids in Texas do for fun." With his videos encompassing many other fast food chains and retail stores, all we can say is "party on!"

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