National Parks In Time Lapse

Vimeo user Friar Johannes M. Schwarz took a road trip this month from California to Minnesota visiting friends and national parks.

The Catholic man of cloth took some breathtaking shots of some of our country's most exquisite national parks.

Schwarz writes on his Vimeo page: "Time was limited in the places leaving not much room for location scouting or waiting for ideal weather conditions. On the whole - I realized when making this video - it is rather a compilation than a unified video. So for me personally it lacks unity, the 'golden thread' connecting things or something...but as part of the extended cut these shots will however nicely serve to reminiscence about the trip."

Regardless, the end product is pretty sweet.

This video joins some of our all-time favorites of nature, like Terje Sorgjerd's look at Norways' Lofoten archipelago.

So on this rather slow-moving Friday, take a look at our country's bounty and enjoy!


Far and Wide :: Timelapse Cut from Fr. Johannes M Schwarz on Vimeo.

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