Long-Term Elder Care: What It Costs in Your State

home daycare
home daycare

The recently released Cost of Care survey from Genworth Financial looked at the average prices of home care providers, adult day health care facilities, assisted living facilities and nursing homes across the country, and unsurprisingly, found that there are staggering variations. The priciest state for nursing home care in the U.S. averages more than four times as much as the cheapest.

But low end or high end, overall, the cost of care among facility-based providers has been increasing steadily. In 2005, the median annual rate for a private nursing home was $60,225; by 2011, it had risen to $77,745.

The national median hourly rate for licensed homemaker services was $18 an hour; licensed home health aide services, $19 an hour; adult day health care, $60 a day; assisted living facility (one-bedroom/single occupancy) $3,261 a month; nursing home (semi-private), $193 a day and $213 a day for a private nursing home room.

Here's a look at the annual median cost for a private nursing home room in the 10 most and least expensive states. An interactive map at their website allows you to compare the cost of long-term care across the U.S. in several categories, (www.genworth.com/costofcare).

Most Expensive, Annually (for a Private Room at a Nursing Home):

Least Expensive, Annually (for a Private Room at a Nursing Home):

1. Alaska: $227,760

1. Missouri: $52,925

2. Connecticut: $140,525

2. Oklahoma: $52,925

3. Massachusetts: $125,925

3. Louisiana: $54,265

4. Hawaii: $122,640

4. Kansas: $56,298

5. New York: $119,355

5. Arkansas: $57,619

6. New Jersey: $113,880

6. Iowa: $57,853

7. District of Columbia: $108,588

7. Texas: $60,225

8. Rhode Island: $105,668

8. Georgia: $63,875

9. Maine: $102,748

9. Illinois: $63,875

10. New Hampshire: $102,200

10. Alabama: $65,368