Jeff Lewis: Kitchen Remodel on the Cheap (Video)

Jeff Lewis, star of Bravo's delightfully-OCD design show, "Flipping Out," has a message for tightwad decorators: Worthwhile home improvements are still possible, even on a smaller budget. In this exclusive video with AOL Real Estate, Lewis tackles one of the most important rooms in the house, whether you're trying to sell or simply improve your living space -- the kitchen. And he does it for a fraction of the average cost.

In 2010, a "minor" kitchen remodel cost an average $21,695, according to Realtor magazine. But by making smart additions, like a very functional kitchen island ($200), and relying on cosmetic changes (counter tops and a new coat of paint), Lewis was able to revamp his outdated kitchen for under $5,000. And seeing as how Remodeling magazine estimates that homeowners usually recoup just over 70 percent of their investment in pricier kitchen projects, Lewis' wallet-friendly tips can save homeowners a bundle.

To see just how far $5,000 can take you, watch the full video above.

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