Pulitzer Prize Winner Gene Weingarten's 'Remain Calm' Advice Card

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Gene Weingarten, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist for the The Washington Post, took to the skies recently for a conference and reports seeing a man on a flight go into fits of rage over a reclined seat in front of him.

Weingarten wrote on his blog, Chatological Humor: "On my flight, I watched a tall, elegant man of the cloth become a frothing, muttering, sputtering maniac when a woman reclined into his knees. This mild looking St. Francis of Assissi didn't say anything to her – but spent the whole flight in a state of moral outrage and indignation. I think part of the problem here is that we don't know whom to be furious at – the recliner, or the evil airline forcing us into this absurd spatial situation."

This is definitely a feeling many of us share, after all, a man was kicked off a Horizon Air flight for being too tall this spring.

But what did Weingarten do about it? He created a little card readers can actually print out to fly with to remain calm during the most challenging of airline experiences. Check it out below. (via Chatological Humor)

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