FrontierVille's Return of Lt. Flintlock event is on!


Earlier this week, we brought you a detailed look at the six goals we expected would launch with the return of Lt. Flintlock in FrontierVille. Well, that prediction was right on target, as the event has officially launched in the game this evening, with a few rules.

You see, while the six goals we brought you in our guide are final, they won't all be available to you all at once. This is yet another event that allows you to complete only a single goal each day, as they are unlocked over a six day period. Lt. Flintlock has appeared on the outskirts of your land, complete with a new stagecoach. Each day, a new goal will be unlocked within the stagecoach, so you'll need to click on it and start each manually.

These missions are timed, as you'll need to help Lt. Flintlock prepare for his secret mission before August 30, when the event ends. Once you reach the halfway point of these goals, you'll receive a special Black Buffalo as a prize, and when you finish the sixth and final goal, you'll receive a special Carved Tree (presumably, carved with Bess and Lt. Flintlock's initials).

Unfortunately, the return of Lt. Flintlock doesn't exactly end in a happy, romantic getaway for Bess and the Lt., as he's off to the wild frontier on a mission of incredible danger (and equal importance). If you're as big of a fan of the romantic saga of these two as I am, then this is actually a bit worrying, as the Lt. leaves the Homestead by giving Bess a letter to read should he not return after six weeks. How tragic (and yet romantic)! Let's just hope everything goes well for the Lt., and that we'll eventually get to see these two live happily ever after. They deserve that much, right? Perhaps we'll even get to meet Lt. Flintlock on the Pioneer Trail and ensure that he gets back to her safely. We'll make sure to let you know if that happens to be the case.

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What do you think of the Return of Lt. Flintlock event? Would you rather be allowed to start all six goals at once, or do you like the slower pacing of events such as these? Sound off in the comments.