FarmVille Instant Grow available for Animals: Just add Farm Cash!

Animal Instant Grow
Animal Instant Grow

Zynga has gone and done it now. (Next thing you know, it'll start feeding them after midnight, too.) Instant Grow made almost perfect sense when it arrived for crops in FarmVille, and even so later when it hit trees. Now, the Farm Cash feature has been made available to animals in-game, and it has that gruesome scene from Gremlins playing on loop in our heads. Happy Friday!

It's terribly simple to apply Instant Grow to Animals--in fact, it's no different than for crops or Trees. Just hover over an animal that has just been tended to, and text will appear. Click the animal to open up its menu and choose "Apply Instant Grow."

The new Instant Grow window will appear, and applying Instant Grow to all animals costs 3 Farm Cash. Not too shabby, especially if you're on the edge of Goal and would rather not wait. Useful or useless, it's still weird.

Have you applied Instant Grow to any of your animals yet? Would you ever pay for instant gratification like this in-game? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.