Earn 2 free FarmVille Farm Cash from Emerald Breakfast promotion


Let's face it: there can never be enough Farm Cash in FarmVille. Whether we want to buy trees or decorations, instantly grow our crops or trees (and now animals), or even send premium items to friends as gifts, there are tons of in-game features that simply require Farm Cash to work. If you're running low, or are saving up for something special, you can earn two free Farm Cash towards your goal via a new in-game promotion. This promotion is with Emerald Breakfast, and it can be found under the gameplay area of your farm.

Once launched, you'll be asked to view three Emerald Breakfast on the Go! commercials, and vote for your favorite. Or, you can simply watch the first video (it plays automatically) and vote for it without watching the others, saving you a bit of time. Don't worry, even by taking this easy way out, you won't ruin your chances as Farm Cash, as you'll still see the "You've earned your Farm Cash" text on the next screen. You'll even be offered a $1 off coupon for these particular breakfast snacks, if that increases the likelihood of you actually completing the promotion (as if free Farm Cash wasn't enough).

Remember, these promotions may not be available in all areas, even within the US. They also may appear at different times for different farmers, so if you haven't found this one in your farm just yet, keep checking back every few hours to see if your chance at two free Farm Cash has rolled around.

What will you do with your free Farm Cash? Do you solely rely on free methods of earning Farm Cash, or do you buy some as well? Sound off in the comments.