FarmVille Sneak Peek: Animal Mastery Signs for literally every critter?

FarmVille Animal MasteryNo, we don't have images of every single Animal Mastery sign yet. However the upcoming FarmVille feature is certainly looking to cover its bases. These leaked images of 15 of the upcoming Mastery Signs for animals seem to suggest that Zynga will tack Mastery onto every animal that releases.

Why? Because several animals in this screenshot alone are of the same species. There are six different varieties of horses in this very image, which would lead one to believe that the developer intends for Mastery to become an inherent part of animals. Though, this is, of course, speculation--hey, it's all we have right now, so have fun with it.

However, these signs may not be the final versions, as they certainly don't look as polished as the existing signs for crops and trees. Either way, it looks like Zynga found a new way to incentivize its Farm Cash animals. Hold onto your credit cards.

FarmVille Animal Mastery Signs

[Source and Image Credit: FarmVille Feed]

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