CityVille: Super Grain Elevator offers a major storage boost at a high price


Hey CityVille players - are you looking for a way to increase your maximum Goods storage capacity, without building tons of space-wasting Barns and Silos? How does the idea of increasing your storage capacity by 1200 Goods with a single item sound? If you like the sound of that, then be sure and check out the Super Grain Elevator in the game's store. Available only for a limited time, this Super Grain Elevator allows you to increase your maximum storage by 1200 Goods, all in a tiny 2x2 space on your land.

Of course, such a convenience doesn't come cheap, as the Super Grain Elevator costs a whopping 55 City Cash. Still, this lovely purple building (what? purple is my favorite color) comes with a great storage capacity, and could even allow you to remove other storage buildings entirely to increase the amount of space you have available for more crop plots or even businesses and homes. There's a lot of give and take with this one; you give Zynga a lot of money, but you take a lot of storage (and potentially land space) back in return.

Does that make it worth it? Ultimately, you won't have forever to decide, as this one has been marked as being available for a "limited time" in the store. Of course, it would be helpful if we were told exactly when it will expire, but for now that information hasn't been made available. Your safest bet would be to purchase one sooner, rather than later, if you plan on eventually doing so, just to make sure it doesn't leave the store before you have a chance.

Will you purchase a Super Grain Elevator for your city, or will you stick with the regular Grain Elevator that offers less storage, but is free? Sound off in the comments.