CityVille Pedal of Honor Timed Goal: Everything you need to know


Apparently, the Race Invaders Timed Goal in CityVille went over fairly well, as Zynga has followed that up today with a new timed goal called Pedal of Honor. Also referred to as "Leader of the Pack," this goal is only available to players level 50 or above, and has three tasks that must be completed within three days for the ultimate prize (but we'll get to the prizes later).

Ask 20 friends to join your Bike Crew
Send 100 Tour Buses
Collect from Water Bottling Plant 2 times

The Water Bottling Plant is a community building that costs 125,000 coins to add to your town, and requires you to staff it with 12 friends to open. From there, you'll be able to collect from it once every 24 hours. While you're waiting for the Water Bottling Plant to "recharge," you can add friends to your Bike Crew by posting a general wall post, asking all of your neighbors to help at once.

If you've got really receptive friends, you'll be able to finish this goal within three days, rewarding you with the Gold Trophy. Along with this shiny trophy, you'll unlock a Cyclist Statue, 28,000 coins and a Boulevard Apartment. Don't worry, even if it takes you longer than three days, you still have a chance at the shiny Cyclist Statue, as the Silver Trophy also earns one, along with the 28,000 coins. Unfortunately, if you earn just a Bronze Trophy, you'll only receive the 28,000 coins, and none of the other goodies.

If, for whatever reason, you don't like to be rushed, it's presumable that this goal will remain available indefinitely, offering you the Bronze Trophy prize, as is the case with the Race Invaders goal which is still available. Should a time limit come into play with this one eventually expiring entirely, we'll make sure to let you know.

Do you think this Pedal of Honor goal is more difficult, or easier than the Racer Invaders goal? Will you work to earn the Gold Trophy on this one, or are you find simply taking your time and finishing it at your leisure? Sound off in the comments.