Zynga sees green in greens, releases CityVille City Cash crop Rhubarb

CityVille RhubarbYour reaction upon reading this news depends entirely on what you think of City Cash. Zynga has released yet another of its City Cash-only crops to CityVille, the Rhubarb. This brand new limited time crop, for 3 City Cash a piece, will grow instantly and provide 95 Goods.

That's about $.50 per crop, but it'll be about $1.50 if you want to master this crop. The Rhubarb will provide a Mastery Sign and 20 percent more Goods once mastered.

While rhubarbs certainly are delicious--try rhubarb pie sometime--we personally wouldn't spend a buck and a half or more on digital rhubarbs. I mean, at least in FarmVille players can plant as many as they want for a certain amount of time--wait, no. That's not much better either.

Rhubarb crop CityVille

[Source and Image Credit: Zynga]

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