Tiny House Movement: Get in on the Ground Floor

tiny house movement

Inspired by a recent feature in The New Yorker on the so-called "tiny house movement," our friends at ShelterPop decided to track down one of the more industrious purveyors within the industry. Jay Shafer, the owner of Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, has constructed 16 of these diminutive domiciles, often no larger than 130 square feet, for buyers looking to leave their clutter -- and mortgage payments -- behind.

In recent months, we've taken a look at a 320-square-foot "shotgun shack" (a shrine to excess, compared to some of Shafer's creations) and even an apartment that literally transforms to meet the owner's needs. But with homes like the aptly named XS-House, a 65-square-foot portable cabin (retail: $38,997), Shafer is taking this growing industry to new heights.

See more photos of Shafer's creations at ShelterPop.

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