FarmVille for iPhone finds a cadaverous competitor in Zombie Farm

Zombie FarmSince the myriad fixes made to FarmVille for iPhone, it has become my preferred method of online farming. But not one of those fixes had zombies in them. Likely made with the Walking Dead heads (myself included) in mind, The Playforge has updated its 15 million-download strong Zombie Farm for iOS with a list of social features including the ability to import friends from Facebook, Pocket Gamer reports.

Players can then visit those friends' farms and send them gifts. You know, like FarmVille ... but with zombies. The update for Android and iOS versions of the game also introduces new mini games like Zombie Tag, which rewards the player with XP for catching all of a friend's invading Brain Munchers. Another mini game, the Wheel of Brains, is like the daily bonus in games like CityVille, but with premium currency rewards.

Oh, and did we mention that the game is free? I think we'll just stop there. (Need we say more? Because we can: players can not only visit their friends' farms, but invade them with zombies in hopes for bigger rewards. Zombie Farm is available on Android through DeNA and Ngmoco's Mobage network, and on iOS through--what else?--the App Store.

Zombie Farm in action

Click here to download Zombie Farm for Android ... and here for iPhone Now >

[Image Credit: The Playforge]

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