Live Alligator, Naked Man and Getting Assaulted: All in a Day's Work [Video]

It was bad enough that Fox 29 reporter Chris O'Connell had to go cover a story about an intense animal cruelty case at a Philadelphia home -- where the stench was so bad that neighbors were selling their houses. Add that to the fact that a naked man had been reported outside the house, and you have one unsavory assignment.

Still, O'Connell couldn't have predicted that the story would get even worse, when the son of the naked man/owner attacked him while he was doing a live report, attempting to throw O'Connell down on the ground while a Fox 29 camera operator, Dave Edwards, and SPCA officials who were also on the scene, attempted to restrain the violent man. It seems that he was angered by the news crew's attempts to cover the story.

Granted, it probably isn't the type of story you'd want to get around, if it involved one of your family members. Authorities found dozens of animals, both alive and dead, some of them mummified. Among the dead were dogs, turtles and iguanas, as the live animals included roosters and a 4-foot-long live alligator. The floor of the house was covered in urine, feces and junk, and roaches had infested the place. Ironically, there was a doormat that said "Wipe Your Paws" on the front step.

About 15 minutes after he was assaulted, O'Connell was back on camera, having spoken with police officers who had arrived quickly after the incident to arrest his attacker. O'Connell looked unruffled, and went on to finish his live report.

So much for the glitz and glamor of TV news reporting. Here's hoping he gets paid enough to bear assault, battery and the "extreme stench."

Man Charged in Fox 29 Crew Assault:

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