FrontierVille Yosemite Honeymoon Collection: One hardcore vacation

FrontierVille Yosemite Honeymoon
FrontierVille Yosemite Honeymoon

Nothing about this new collection screams relaxation and new love. Considering it released right in the middle of the Yosemite Honeymoon Sweepstakes Goals in FrontierVille, you'd expect at least a lick of cuddliness, no?

At any rate, this new update introduces us to three new Trees to chop down in hopes of scoring an even bigger tree to hack up. The new trees--Black Oak, Coastal Pine and Sequoia--all now grow on every Homestead as a result of the new Goals. Hack em up to receive these items:

  • Gray Owl

  • Sierra Newt

  • Waterfall

  • Scorpion

  • Alpine Butterfly

Once you collect all five items, you have the option to turn them in for a Giant Sequoia Tree and a cool 350 XP. However, we recommend waiting on that, because who knows when Zynga will turn those Collection items into a requirement? First rule of the frontier: Always be prepared. (Or was that boy scouts?)

FrontierVille Yosemite Honeymoon Trees
FrontierVille Yosemite Honeymoon Trees

FrontierVille Yosemite Honeymoon Collection
FrontierVille Yosemite Honeymoon Collection

[Source and Image Credit: CE Gamers]

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