New Facebook games can still make bank, social gaming exec says

Farm Cash = Real Cash?
Farm Cash = Real Cash?

Well, I'd be saying that too if I founded two Facebook game companies. During an interview with Business Insider, founder and CEO of Freshplanet Mathieu Nouzareth said that Facebook gaming is the place to be for start up companies. Also having founded what Business Insider called "The French Zynga," Weka Entertainment, Nouzareth has plenty of vested interest in the industry's growth.

At any rate, he believes there's still money to made on Facebook for start ups and companies other than the big players: Zynga, EA, Playdom and Wooga."I think it's still the best startup opportunity. I don't know any other online market that allows for this kind of growth and profits," he told Business Insider. Not even the iPhone." "It's a dream business."

But wait a tick, Spry Fox CCO Daniel Cook told us just recently that he thinks this is far from the case. Of course, he was referring to both the existence of dominators like Zynga and more so that Facebook has established itself as a platform. While Nouzareth mentions that these endeavors take incredible talent from diverse teams, he fails to point out that already new developers have their potential revenue cut by 30 percent, thanks to Facebook Credits.

"It's very hard to make a good game, and you need a little luck, but when you make it it's very profitable," Nouzareth said to Business Insider. While truer words have not been said on the matter, they're not any more comforting.

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