CityVille Odd Day at the Zoo Goals: Everything you need to know


Apparently, one Odd Day in CityVille isn't enough, as Zynga has released a second (self-proclaimed) unusual set of goals in the game today, dealing with Ruth and Edgar's trip to the Zoo. Appropriately enough, the goal series is called "Odd Day at the Zoo," but they'll only be available to players that have already finished the original Zoo goals in the game. Again, these aren't to be confused with the "Odd Day with Rusty" goals, which were released earlier this month. We'll do our best to keep them straight for you, so check out our guide to completing this newest set below:

A Date at the Zoo

Collect from Jungle Habitat 1 Time
Get 2 Disposable Cameras
Collect from your Zoo Cafeteria 3 Times

Ruth wants to see the Ostriches (she says they're like "tall pigeons that can't fly"), so you'll need to help her do just that by asking your friends for two cameras via a general news feed post. Meanwhile, if you're looking to plow through the Zoo Cafeteria task quickly, just remember to only supply the Cafeteria with Goods, rather than multiple businesses at once. That way, your citizens have to go to the Cafeteria, as there are no other businesses open in your town at the time! Finish this first goal, and you'll earn 480 coins.

I Love Zoos

Supply 25 Businesses
Have 1 Savannah Habitat
Collect from the Savannah Habitat 5 Times

To earn the Savannah Habitat, you must first unlock all of the animals in the Jungle Habitat. From there, you'll simply need to wait a few hours between collections to eventually make it to five. The reward for finishing this goal is the Ostrich Buddies decoration, which offers a 5% bonus to surrounding homes or businesses.

Feathered Friend

Have 1 Ostrich House in your City
Harvest 35 Corn
Get 8 Ostrich Eggs

The Ostrich House seems to be the Ostrich Buddies decoration from the last goal, but with a different name. That being the case, you should be able to find it in your inventory, and can place it into your town for free. Meanwhile, corn takes an entire day to grow, so you might plant some corn early, if you know that this goal is coming, so that you don't have to wait later. Finishing off this final goal in the series (as of this writing) grants you 19 XP (I'll leave you to decide whether or not that's enough).

You know, these goals really weren't that odd. It seems like through them, Ruth and Edgar were able to have a great day at the zoo, even if Ruth is a bit of an eccentric in her obsession with ostriches. Perhaps that's why it was an odd day? Either way, if you're looking for something to do in your city, aside from decorating it for Zynga's beachfront contest, why not give these goals a go?

[Goals 2-3 Via CityVille Wiki]

What do you think of these goals? Should we receive a special, exclusive reward for each of the goals, rather than just the second? Sound off in the comments.