CityVille continues to celebrate Britain with limited edition items


Earlier this week, Zynga launched a series of British-themed items in CityVille, consisting of homes and businesses, along with some fun decorations. Now, you can further expand upon your mini-Britain by purchasing even more items in the theme, with these newest items being limited edition (unfortunately, you either purchase them now, or you're out of luck... likely for good).

There are three new homes and two decorations here, so check out the full details for each below.

Spiffing Terrace

  • Costs 25,000 coins

  • 150-250 population

  • Earns 195 coins in rent every 18 hours

London Flat

  • Costs 10,000 coins

  • 120-250 coins

  • Earns 54 coins every hour

Countryside Home

  • Costs 35 City Cash

  • 500-850 population

  • Earns 864 coins every 3.1 days


  • Costs 2,000 coins

  • Adds a 4% bonus payout to surrounding buildings

Loch Nessie

  • Costs 25 City Cash

  • Adds a 20% bonus payout to surrounding buildings

Again, all of these items are limited edition, and they'll only be available in the game for the next four days. This isn't a time when you have the convenience of saving up coins or City Cash, so shop fast if you're at all interested in adding these buildings to your town before it's too late.

Have you created a miniature version of the United Kingdom in your CityVille? Which of these items will you purchase to go with it? Does the fact that these items are limited edition impact your likelihood of purchasing them? Sound off in the comments.