Cafe World 4X Cooking Station Goals: Everything you need to know


Earlier this evening, we brought you a detailed guide on how to build and use your new 4X Cooking Station in Cafe World - a helpful tool that will see you saving space by combining four stoves into one, without losing the functionality of any of them. To help further introduce us to this feature, Zynga has also announced the release of a six-part goal series entitled simply " 4X Cooking Station." Without further ado, let's jump straight into our goal guide, so you can start using your new toy sooner, rather than later.

4X Cooking Station

Place your Cooking Station
Serve Chips and Guacamole 7 Times
Ask for 4 Seating Charts

The ultimate prize of these goals is a new recipe, but to get there, you'll have to first place your Cooking Station, which is available for free the next time you login. You'll need to ask your friends for the Seating Charts, and in the meantime can finish off the Chips and Guacamole, which take just three minutes to prepare. Ok, so you'll likely have those finished long before you can earn your four Seating Charts, but at least the cooking portion of this one was easy, right?

I Can Fix That

Serve Pita and Dolmas 15 Times
Ask for 7 Handwritten Jokes
Have 6 Gas Pipes

The Gas Pipes are a building ingredient for constructing the 4X Cooking Station, so you'll earn them by default if you're actually attempting to build it (check out our guide to doing so). As for the Pita and Dolmas, a single serving takes four hours to prepare.

Elbow Grease

Serve 30 Savory Stuffed Turkeys
Ask for 8 Copper Coils
Ask for 6 Multi-tools

Here's where things become a bit more time-consuming, as you'll not only have to ask for more materials from your friends, but the Savory Stuffed Turkeys take 22 hours to prepare. Allow me to remind you that you can also bust out some extra servings from your Gift Box, or use some spices to speed up the process.

Kitchen Support

Serve 35 Voodoo Chicken Salad
Ask for 8 Rust-Proof Bolts
Have 10 Steel Panels

Again, the Steel Panels are another building material for the 4X Cooking Station construction, so this isn't an extra step (thank goodness). The Voodoo Chicken Salads, meanwhile, can be prepared in 12 hours.

Eggy for All

Serve Gem Cake 50 Times
Ask for 9 Atomic Eggs
Ask for 8 Wonderous Bread

While this goal itself may not unlock your new recipe, it does give us an idea of what to expect: eggs and bread. To find out exactly what the recipe is though, we'll need to push on, cooking each of the 50 Gem Cakes for 12 hours. Finish this goal and you'll receive the Eggy Award, a wall plaque of sorts, celebrating Siggy's many achievements in inventing culinary masterpieces.

It's Alive

Finish Building the Cooking Station
Cook with the Cooking Station 3 Times
Ask for 12 Quark Cheese

By this point, if you have already completed construction of the Cooking Station, you should be able to finish the cooking portion with incredible ease, depending on the cooking time of the dishes you choose to prepare. If you'd like, you can make more profits by cooking a dish with a longer prep-time, as you'll likely be stranded waiting for your friends to send you the Quark Cheese anyhow. Either way, when finishing off this goal series, you'll receive the Eggy in a Basket recipe, and will now be the proud owner of a space-saving 4X Cooking Station.

While these goals aren't terribly complicated, a few of them might be a bit time-consuming even if only for the fact that their required dish(es) take so long to cook. With a little perseverance though, you'll be able to finish them eventually. Luckily, there doesn't appear to be a time limit associated with them either, so take your time if you're feeling overwhelmed by what is probably a really full plate in your game right now.

Are you happy to see more goals released in Cafe World? What do you think of the 4X Cooking Station? Is it worth completing these goals and building a new item, just to save a few squares of space? Sound off in the comments.