Brooklyn politician hooked on CityVille more than New York City

William Boyland
William Boyland

Hell, it's tough enough to keep up with one city much less a fantasy one. Brooklyn, NY Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. (pictured), currently facing federal corruption charges, has been found to have played Zynga hit CityVille during frequent trips to Albany, according to NY Daily News. On top of managing his digital city while away, Boyland reportedly played CityVille while in Assembly meetings debating important issues like rent regulation.

In fact, NY Daily News reports that during a meeting regarding that very subject, Boyland posted that he needed "donuts to fuel hungry cops" and that the food was necessary "to apprehend the bandits." However, those words could easily be the automated message CityVille puts out when players request Donuts from their friends, and not Boyland's own words. The Capitol newspaper found that Boyland logged into CityVille at least seven times during that very meeting on June 21, after comparing his Facebook activity with Assembly records.

"It's galling that a red-faced Assemblyman would continue to show disrespect for the institution by playing games on the floor," Citizen's Union executive director Dick Dadey told NY Daily News. This news comes in the midst of Boyland facing corruption charges for doing political favors for Brookdale University Hospital in Brooklyn in exchange for a consulting job. You almost can't blame the guy--well, for the gaming. A city with no problems that makes money from thin air? Sounds like a politician's dream to me.

[Image Credit: Kevin Hagen]

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