'Balconing' Claims Another Victim, When Will the Stupidity End?

Yet another British vacationer has been injured "balconing," a faddish activity among Europeans involving jumping between hotel balconies and off them into pools. Euro Weekly News reports that earlier this week, a 19-year-old fell about 20 ft. while jumping between rooms at a hotel on Majorca.
The young man was hurt, but will survive. Others have not been so lucky: According to USA Today, 6 tourists died while balconing last year.

The fad is being credited to drunk British men, but has become popular with Swedes and Germans as well. The epicenter of the phenomenon seems to be the Majorcan resort town of Magaluf, where many injuries, including the latest, have been reported.

Like all stupid activities, balconing has become a YouTube phenomenon. Interspersed with videos of young men launching themselves off unlikely places while their buddies giggle, are now clips of news reports on people who have died.

There is probably an argument to be made here about the panopticon or evolutionary theory, but it seems more appropriate to just sigh and acknowledge that this whole "I am a golden god" situation is probably the best argument anyone has made for "planking," which may be stupid, but doesn't kill people.

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