Zynga throws out new game story ideas in another player survey


Back in June, Zynga released a fan survey that asked players to give their opinions on potential game ideas, ranging from becoming a mogul in the music business to taking to the high seas as a pirate. Either those ideas have been tossed aside for the moment, or Zynga plans on working on multiple games at once, as they're back again with another survey that seems to hint at future story ideas for games.

To be specific, we aren't told that these are potential games-in-the-making, but are rather asked which of these stories we'd be "most interested in exploring." There are just six options available, with two dealing with medieval times, the Three Musketeers and even King Arthur's round table. The others range from seeking out paranormal phenomenon and ghost-hunting to living in the forest, studying the art of kung-fu.

Some of these stories actually have a bit of intricate detail included, such as names of locations, which makes me think (ok, hope) they might be more than just the results of a brainstorming session. For instance, we're given a particular story, set in a "small coastal town of Oddwater," where we and our neighbors have supernatural powers. We'd be able to grow "magical plants and creatures," and dabble in witchcraft with spells and potions. Put two and two together, even with just this single example, and it seems as though Zynga might have already begun production on some of these ideas, or at the very least, are toying around with how gameplay could be involved, rather than just storytelling. That's all speculation of course, but my interest is definitely piqued.

If you'd like to give your opinion on any of these game ideas, make sure to take the survey before Zynga closes responses. Who knows? One of these could be the next big thing on Facebook.

If you took the survey, which of the six stories did you find the most interesting? Would you like to see any of them actually transformed into games? Sound off in the comments.