Woman Sues Employer Over Sex Accident on Business Trip

A woman is sent by her employer to a distant city for business purposes. She checks into a hotel the night before because she has a big meeting early the next morning. Apparently she has a big meeting of a different nature the night before, because she ends up back in her hotel room with some guy, and things start to get wild.

So wild, in fact, that a light fixture mounted on the wall above the bed comes loose, hits her in the face, and does some damage.

What does she do? She sues her employer, reports MyFoxDC.com, reasoning that since it happened on the road for business purposes, her employer is responsible. In this case, her employer just happens to be the government -- the Australian government.

The woman, whose name has not been released, says that she sustained injuries to her nose, mouth and a tooth, and that there was "a consequent psychiatric injury," which involved some sort of "adjustment disorder," as well. It's probably best not to speculate on what she is having difficulty adjusting to.

She's suing the government because she claims that her injuries were sustained "during the course of her employment." ComCare, the Australian government's workplace safety organization, initially rejected her compensation claim, reasoning that sex "was not an ordinary incident of an overnight stay like showering, sleeping or eating," according to the Daily Telegraph.

The injured woman's attorneys claim that sex is an ordinary activity, no different from many others, and since the injury occurred while she was on a business trip, the employer that sent her should offer compensation. Her attorney says, "This is no different than slipping over in the shower or being bashed by a gang of thugs after a dispute over a woman," The Telegraph reports.

The case is now being heard by a Federal Court judge, who has yet to make a ruling.

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