Why Buy a House When You Can Own a Town?


It's a near-deserted town steeped in Wild West tradition, with two jails and a saloon of gun-slinging lore to show for it. And you can stake your claim for $800,000.

That's how much it costs to buy all of Scenic (pictured above), a historic railroad town of nine residents located in the heart of South Dakota's legendary Badlands. The price is a far cry from its previous ask of $3 million -- a discount prompted by current owner Twila Merril's need to leave town for cancer treatment, according to her daughter, LeeAnn Keester.

For the money, you get a functioning gas station, convenience store, saloon, trading post and residence, along with a historic jail and 46 acres. The purchase price doesn't include full rights to the fire department and a few lots owned by long-time residents.