TSA Agent Cited for Flashing His Badge on the Highway

Jupiter Images

Donald Eichler, a 63-year-old TSA agent, was cited on Tuesday for intimidating a Connecticut driver by flashing his badge and honking repeatedly in an attempt to get her to speed up.

The AP reports that the woman, who Eichler says was driving 30 MPH in a 40 MPH zone, called 911 and said that she was terribly frightened by Eichler's badge waving.

Eichler admitted only to flashing a work identity card. For those keeping track, a TSA badge closely resembles the shield worn by police officers while a TSA identity card looks about as intimidating as your average driver's license.

Eichler was given a misdemeanor summons for driving his vehicle to harass or intimidate and will appear in court in early August.

This case is likely to split sympathies. On the one hand, TSA agents have a long record of doing horrible things, like dousing a man in his own urine twice. On the other hand, driving 30 MPH in a 40 MPH zone is simply unacceptable behavior.

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