FrontierVille Yosemite Honeymoon Goals: Everything you need to know

FrontierVille Yosemite Honeymoon Goals
FrontierVille Yosemite Honeymoon Goals

Sure, FrontierVille's Hank and Fanny are celebrating their honeymoon--whoop dee doo. Wait, you mean if I help, I could win a trip for two worth $5,000 from Zynga? How many bears do I have to clobber? The Yosemite Honeymoon Goals have arrived in FrontierVille along with the Honeymoon Sweepstakes. If you're doubting your chances at that coveted trip for two, 100 first prize winners can score the entire Mystery Animal Collection and 250 more second prize winners will net 200 Horseshoes.

However, players must complete these repeatable Goals as often as possible to increase their chances of winning any of the three prizes. Getaway Passes are rewards from all four Goals, and they're each worth one entry into the contest. Better start stocking those Getaway Passes now, as the contest ends Aug. 7, so here's everything you need to know:

See Em Off!

  • Have or Collect 6 Stagecoach Tickets

  • Collect the General Store Daily Bonus

  • Talk to Hank

The first Goal of this series starts with the infamous pop-up window. Click it, and on Hank on your Homestead, to get started. The Stagecoach Tickets come from friend requests. From this Goal forward, Hank and Fanny will send players postcards through Frontier Jack, but players can revisit these Goals by click the "View Postcards" option on the Wedding Wagon. Your reward for completing this Goal is 250 XP, 500 Coins and your first of (hopefully) many Getaway Passes.

FrontierVille Yosemite Honeymoon Goals repeat
FrontierVille Yosemite Honeymoon Goals repeat

Her Sunny Disposition

  • Harvest 30 Sunflowers

  • Have or Collect 10 Wine Bottles

  • Have 2 Cherry Pies

To harvest 30 Sunflowers, you'll need 9,300 Coins and at least 18 hours to grow them. The 10 Wine Bottles come from friend requests, while the Cherry Pies are part of the Cherry Collection completed through tending Cherry Trees. Finish these tasks, and 500 XP, a Yosemite Flower Crate and another Getaway Pass are yours.

FrontierVille Wedding Wagon Menu
FrontierVille Wedding Wagon Menu

Home on the Range

  • Have or Collect 10 Bait

  • Craft 3 Trapping Nets

  • Have 3 Feed Pans

The 10 Bait will be found through asking friends on your News Feed, while the three Trapping Nets can be crafted in the Wedding Wagon using 10 Strong Twine and five Ropes per three Trapping Nets. The Strong Twine comes from friend requests, while the Rope is part of the Flax Collection, completed when tending to Flax crops. Another 500 XP, a Yosemite Animal Crate and another Getaway Pass await those who complete this Goal.

Hacker's Delight

  • Have or Collect 10 Hacksaw Blades

  • Chop Trees 20 Times on your Neighbors Homesteads

  • Have One Arrowhead

The 10 Hacksaw Blades come from more friend help requests, while the Arrowhead used to be the reward for the Clearing Collection. Our guess is that now it's become either a Market item or another requested from friends. This simple Goal rewards players with 750 XP, a Yosemite Crate and one Getaway Pass.


  • Have or Collect 10 Burlap Sacks

  • Craft Two Large Spades

  • Clear 25 Debris on your Neighbors Homesteads

Finding the 10 Burlap Sacks for this Goal is as simply as pressing the "Ask Friends" button. The two Large Spades are also crafted in the Wedding Wagon, and require Sheet Steel and 10 Wood a piece. The Sheet Steel comes from friend help requests as well, so ask away. Complete this final Goal for another 750 XP, a Yosemite Tree Crate and one Getaway Pass.

FrontierVille Wedding Wagon Crafting
FrontierVille Wedding Wagon Crafting

Win Your Own Vacation for Two!

  • Collect All Four Postcards from Hand and Fanny

  • Restart a Yosemite Honeymoon Mission

  • Collect Ten Getaway Passes

This Goal appears only after completing the other four found in Postcards, it seems. To restart a Honeymoon Goal, click on the Wedding Wagon and then "View Postcards." A menu will appear with flavor text for each of the four repeatable Goals--just click on one to get started all over again. Collect another 10 Getaway Passes doing this, and 500 XP, a Soapstone Carving and one more Getaway Pass are yours.

[Source and Image Credit: Zynga]

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