FarmVille: Parisian Bench free gift will let you sit in style


While there may not have been a large update added to FarmVille this evening, a new free gift did appear on the game's free gifts page, with this item going hand-in-hand with the recent Parisian limited edition item theme that some of you may have used to decorate your farms. The Parisian Bench II (not to be confused with the original Parisian Bench, which was released just a few days ago) is an ornate, dark brown bench with a mustard-colored pattern, and it can be sent yo your friends just as any other free gift: just pick the friends you'd like to give one to from a list and send away. On a side note, am I the only one that can see a face in the design of the bench and pattern? The back-rest contains the eyes and the curve in the seat is the mouth... oh, nevermind.

Where was I? Oh yes. If you'd like to make sure you receive one or more of these benches back, remember that you can always use the game's Wishlist feature to share a news feed item alerting your friends to your wishes, or you can just contact friends directly if you feel more comfortable. Either way, it's likely that this item won't stay around on the free gifts page forever; likely, once the Parisian theme expires from the store, so too will this item leave the game. Of course, stranger things have happened, but do you really want to rely on chance when these benches are so easy to earn as it is?

If you're looking for an intricately themed final touch to your Parisian area on your farm, make sure to take advantage of this freebie while you still can.

Do you like the look of the Parisian Bench II, or did you prefer the original Parisian Bench more? How many of the game's Parisian-themed items have you splurged on? Sound off in the comments.