FarmVille Craftshop expands (again), work on six recipes at once

FarmVille CraftshopIn a last ditch attempt to get players to care about the Craftshop in FarmVille, Zynga has introduced yet another update to the building. (As if a building to compliment the building wasn't enough.)

However, the new feature is certainly worth considering, as it allows players to craft up to six items at once in the Craftshop. Just click on your Craftshop and then "Look Inside."

Then, you'll immediately be greeted a new-and-improved Craftshop interface with six "Work Stations" sitting above the list of available recipes. The interface appears with an overlay, allowing you to ask your friends for more Wrenches, Pipes and Clamps.

It takes five of each to unlock each additional Work Station, totaling six. Now, all you need are more Bushels ... and a helluva lot more Manure.
FarmVille Craftshop expansion

Are you enjoying the added utility to the Craftshop? Are you a fan of the feature overall, or could you do without? Share with us in the comments. Add Comment.
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