Creative Conference Rooms From Around the World

Group meetings aren't typically something employees look forward to. For one thing, conference rooms can be drab and utterly lack inspiration. But some companies have started to take a new approach to conferencing. Some is the result of advanced video-conferencing systems and the like -- but we're also seeing a touch of actual style.

Here are some of our favorite new "conference environments." Let us know what you think!

1. Unilever

As a multi-national corporation, Unilever is both British and Dutch in their ownership. They own many consumer product brands worldwide, including Dove and Hellman's.

2. Jaiku

Originally based in Finland, Jaiku is a small social networking and micro-blogging service that is similar in concept to Twitter. The company was purchased by Google in late 2007, and the software has since been released as open-source. Based on Google's notorious flair in their offices, it's no surprise that Jaiku's office follows suit.

3. Spotify

Named "Ebba Grön," after a Swedish artist, this organic-feeling conference room is one of several at Spotify's office in Stockholm, Sweden. Comfortable swiveling chairs allow a conversational feel for video-conferences with their office in the United Kingdom.

4. Google

What "top offices" list would be complete without a Google feature? This shot features a section of their office in Taipei.


The École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) is located in Switzerland and is one of the two Swiss federal institutes of technology. With part of their mission including "to provide a hub for interaction," we'd say they certainly succeeded!

6. Pumalin

Parque Pumalin, a nature reserve in Chile, is a public park with trails, campgrounds and visitor centers. One of the centers features this conference room with a decidedly outdoor influence.

7. Niavaran Palace

Located in Tehran, Iran, the Niavaran Palace complex is made up of several buildings and a museum. This photo shows King Mohammadreza Shah's office. Quite a contrast to the clean and simple designs of the conference rooms above.

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