American Workers Need More Vacation, Sleep and ... Chocolate?

Apparently what American employees really want is less work, more sleep and more chocolate, according to a recent survey taken by Mars Chocolate North America. OK, so the company behind the survey might have a little something to do with the fact that chocolate made the list, but it doesn't have sway over the fact that respondents overwhelmingly declared that they want more vacations and/or rest.

To spotlight the 3 Musketeers Bar (with "more chocolate taste"), the candy company took a "More or Less" survey to find out into what else Americans want more and less of. They found that more than 90 percent of Americans want more vacation, sleep and, of course, chocolate. Meanwhile, an almost equal amount, 89 percent, said that they've had quite enough of bicep-bulging, fist-pumping and feuding.

One of the most unexpected findings of the survey is that a little over half of those surveyed, 51 percent, want more face-to-face, real-world interactions with their social media contacts. Perhaps they would find time for that while they're on vacation?

Those who conducted the survey also found it interesting to note that while technology in the workplace is racing ahead at lightning speed, people are having a hard time keeping up. A little over half of all respondent, 54 percent, are interested in having fewer G's, D's, apps and other technology. It seems we're on the brink of a technology overload, and perhaps we need more vacation, sleep and chocolate to bear it.

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