Zynga discounts FarmVille 2X Mastery Statue, still about four bucks

FarmVile 2X Mastery Statue discount
FarmVile 2X Mastery Statue discount

And that could buy four full-blown games on your iPhone. Hey, we know that an item that grants FarmVille players double Mastery for a whole 48 hours is just plain awesome, but just consider the options before dropping about two Red Bulls on it.

Zynga has cut the price of the 2X Mastery Statue from 25 to just 20 Farm Cash, which slashes about a buck off of its price. However, keep in mind that 20 Farm Cash could nearly restock your Fuel tank, or buy a slew of attractive Trees or Animals.

Alright, the statue stays on your farm even after the effect wanes. Well, if that's worth 20 Farm Cash to you, then pick it up by all means. But this price cut only lasts for another five days, so run--don't walk!--to your nearest credit card/Pay Pal/Wal-Mart.

[Source: FarmVille Freak]

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