Zynga's Customer Support site is down: Oh, the irony [UPDATE]


Update: Fortunately, this downtime didn't last as long as we had feared, and things look to be back to normal. Your mileage may vary.

Well, this does put us in a pickle. While bugs and glitches in Zynga's games are (unfortunately) pretty abundant (especially in FarmVille and FrontierVille), we've always been able to call on Zynga's Customer Support site to at least attempt to find a resolution. But what happens when we can't do that? Well, for the next little while we'll learn the answer to that puzzle, as Zynga has announced that their CS site is down, meaning that we can't call on them for help for the time being.

Here's the direct quote, which you can find above most Zynga games, or plastered all over the company's forums:
"Zynga's Customer Service Site is down, which is preventing players from filing a ticket. Zynga is investigating the issue and is looking to resolve it as fast as possible. Thank you for your patience."

Sure, the site will be back online (eventually), but I suppose we're left on our own in the meantime. Hopefully, this doesn't cause a huge backup when the site and service does come back online, making it an even more lengthy process to hear back about our issues. Either way, I'm left to wonder: am I the only one that finds a bit of humor in this irony?

Do you routinely contact Zynga Customer Support concerning questions and issues you've experienced with Zynga's games? How helpful have they been? Sound off in the comments.