Zynga says, 'Cheers!' to UK CityVille players with new British items

CityVille British Items
CityVille British Items

A slew of British items have invaded CityVille, though we doubt will players will want to resist, as some are pretty darn cool. (What did you think we meant?) From a Chippy--British fish and chips--Shop to a London Palace and a Rugby Scrum, Zynga brings a dollop of English culture to our miniature cities. Let's get on with what's in store for players as they log into CityVille today:

Chippy Shop

  • Goods: 200

  • Earnings: 1,100 Coins

  • Costs: 35 City Cash

  • Contributes to Surf and Turf Collection

  • Found in Mystery Crate

London Palace

  • Community Building

  • Population: Allows 2,500 more

  • Found in Mystery Crate

England, Scotland, Union and Wales Flags

  • Cost: 1,000 Coins

  • Bonus: 1% payout increase

CityVille British Items
CityVille British Items

Red Telephone Box

  • Costs: 1,000 Coins

  • Bonus: 1% payout increase

Rugby Scrum

  • Costs: 5,000 Coins

  • Bonus: 4% payout increase

Backyard Soccer

  • Costs: 75,000 coins or 35 City Cash

  • Bonus: 12% payout increase

CityVille British Items
CityVille British Items

Twee Terrace

  • Population: Adds 250-500

  • Rent: 461 Coins per 24 hours

  • Found in Mystery Crate

Monarchal Maisonette

  • Unlocked at Level 39

  • Population: Adds 150-250

  • Rent: 60 coins per hour

  • Costs: 25,000 coins.

Scottish Castle

  • Population: Adds 800-1500

  • Rent: 432 coins per 18 hours

  • Costs: 60 City Cash

  • Found in Mystery Crate

As you can see from the list, four of these items have a chance of appearing in the new British Mystery Crate, which costs 35 City Cash, or just under $5. However, many of these items are only around for another six days, so get to spending if you want a slice of life across the pond in your city.

[Source and Image Credit: Zynga]

Which of the British items have you picked up already or plan to? What international theme would you like to see next in CityVille? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.