Men at Work: The Truth About Your Male Co-Workers

Men at WorkIf you think female workers in America have come a long way, you'll be surprised to find out that the American male has made quite a bit of progress as well -- at least in the workplace. A recent survey reveals that guys openly favor their families over their jobs, growth potential over salary and wouldn't punch their boss or their co-worker in the face, even if they were provoked and could get away with it.

These are some of the fascinating facts revealed about the U.S. male, collected from a survey by For the 2011 Great Male Survey, nearly 80,000 respondents chimed in, sharing some surprising insights. For example, ethics seem to be making a comeback, with 37 percent of the guys surveyed saying that they would never betray their sense of ethics for business, up from the 31 percent who said the same last year.

Speaking of ethics, 61 percent said that they "miss the days when someone's word and a handshake meant something," when asked if morals were on the decline in business these days. And in response to the question, "Have you ever betrayed your own sense of ethics for business?" Almost 60 percent said no and they never would, and only 6 percent said they had and would do it again.

Some Gray Areas

When it comes to professional survival, however, there are a few gray areas. When asked about a hypothetical situation in which they could get a significant promotion and pay raise, but it would come at the cost of the job of their superior, 54 percent said, "Screw them; take the promotion and pay raise." That's compared to the almost 46 percent who said, "Don't take the promotion and pay raise; let them keep their livelihood."

Still, most men would stop short of physical violence in the workplace. Just over 70 percent said that even if they could get away with it, they wouldn't punch their boss in the face. But when it comes to punching a colleague, the numbers are a little closer: 52 percent wouldn't, 48 percent would.

In the end, the answer to one question allows men to be forgiven for all their less flattering tendencies, like the 71 percent who haven't started saving for retirement, and the 54 percent who believe that it's OK for men to put so much value on women's looks because women put so much value on a man's financial worth. That would be the answer to the question of what they think is the ultimate male status symbol.

A beautiful wife or girlfriend? Nope. Only 21 percent gave that response. A high-profile career? You're getting closer, but still no cigar.

The largest percentage of men -- 39 percent -- that said the ultimate male status symbol is a family. Awwww...

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