Stephen Spielberg Ticks off Italian Vacationers, Gets the Cops Called

Director Stephen Spielberg angered Italian beachgoers in La Maddalena by steering his speedboat too close to shore, prompting a call to the Italian coastguard.

Spielberg was vacationing on his multimillion dollar yacht, the Seven Seas, with actress Gwyneth Paltrow when the pair took a trip in his speedboat. However, regulations forbid such craft from coming within 300 meters (about 984 feet) of the shore, reports the Daily Mail.

It seems the noise from the approaching boat was too much to bear, so sunbathers ratted him out.

When approached by authorities, Spielberg, who was signing autographs for vacationers, owned up to his mistake. 'I'm sorry. I'm Steven Spielberg. I didn't know the rules. It's only right I pay,' the director said, according to Daily Mail.

Spielberg offered to pay on the spot, but the official was not allowed to take money. The next day Spielberg paid the 172 euro ($249) fine, being sure to fax proof of payment to coastguard HQ.

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