Global Resistance is Insomniac's irresistible Resistance 3 promotion

Global ResistanceWell, at least it looks the part. Insomniac, creator of the Ratchet and Clank series, has unleashed Global Resistance, a Facebook-connected social game to promote the upcoming release of Resistance 3 for the Sony PS3, Gaming Union reports. The game, which is said to play much like Risk--which ironically will have a Facebook version of its own soon enough--will unlock exclusive content in the PS3 shooter. Inversely, playing the shooter will bolster your forces in the social game.

Players are forced to side with either the humans in this alternate WWII reality, or the Chimera, an alien race that's a cross between The Thing and the Body Snatchers. Players will gather troops and attempt to take over regions of the world using the vast war map across rounds that last for hours in wars that last for days--seven days, to be exact. Your military decisions are aided with color-coded icons that help you judge your forces against the enemy's.

However, the game appears to be extremely complicated, and generally skewed to the hardcore, war-mongering gamer. Luckily, the game takes on a few Facebook game cues like Missions. These, like Goals in FarmVille, direct players on what to do next in order to unlock content in Resistance 3. Players must even create and maintain their own military base to create new troops to launch Missions with--that sounds a lot like Empires & Allies, no? (Not to mention the battle system, an asynchronous affair with players trading pre-planned attacks much similar to Mafia Wars.)

Global Resistance
Perhaps Global Resistance is the first move by Insomniac Click, a social games division within the studio that recently opened for business. Regardless, this is an impressive endeavor in both looks and scope that Resistance fans will surely love. Now, we just can't wait to see what Insomniac Click can do with a game all its own.

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