FrontierVille Sneak Peek: Will Captain Flintlock return for true love with Bess?


While Hank and Fanny Wildcat have found true love in FrontierVille (and have even headed off on their Honeymoon), what does that leave Bess to do? Will she ever find true love? Signs point to yes, as Zynga has given us a bit of a sneak peek today concerning the Captain and Bess. We've been told that Captain Flintlock definitely will be coming back to the game in the future, although the form and duration of his stay is still unknown.

Remember, Bess and Captain Flintlock aren't exactly strangers, as he gifted her (well, us) a lovely Black Stallion at the end of the Cowgirls Don't Cry missions which were released back in May. Could Flintlock's return be something as romantic as him refusing to stay away from Bess any longer, or will the "will they / won't they" storyline continue even with his return?

Personally, I'm all for Bess finding true love, just as Hank and Fanny were given. After all, it's still interesting to think that so many players had Hank courting Bess instead of Fanny back in February's Valentine's Day event, and that Zynga decided to finally make a decision themselves, so it's only fair that we should see this romantic soap opera come to a close for Bess as well. Am I reading too much into the game's storyline? Probably, but after investing so much time with these characters, it's hard not to! We'll just have to wait and see exactly what happens between Captain Flintlock and Bess when he makes his return to the Homestead in the future.

Are you hoping Captain Flintlock's return brings about a second wedding on the Homestead? Would you like a second set of wedding goals, or do you hope this event would be smaller than the first? Sound off in the comments.