FarmVille could load even faster, if you open Flash up to Zynga

FarmVille load fasterWant the ultimate in speed when it comes to planting and harvesting your digital crops? According to FarmVille Feed, Zynga has released yet another option for players to improve their speed in FarmVille. It comes in the form of the all-too-familiar pop-up window in the game, and reads, "Hey Farmer, wanna let us cut your load time by allowing us to store some files on your computer?"

FarmVille Feed says that this upgrade makes use of the Global Storage Settings in your Flash player, the tool used to play web browser games. The idea here is to set the storage settings within Flash to save a certain amount of data from Flash games onto your personal computer's hard drive. While we doubt Zynga has much stock in placing malware on your computer, whether you think this is safe is your call. (I keep it on an app-by-app basis for these things, honestly.)

FarmVille faster loading
However, placing the dial in the Global Storage, which can be done here, all the way to the right will allows an unlimited amount of data to be stored on your hard drive from games and other apps. This would, in theory, make FarmVille load even faster. (And Zynga would know--FrontierVille has been given a similar option, too.) However, this trick could work for almost any social game that stores information on your computer. Here's the best part: Restoring these settings to normal is as easy as going back to that page.

[Image Credit: FarmVille Feed]

Have you opted for Zynga to save even more information onto your computer for a FarmVille performance boost? Have you seen the results, and would you do it for other games? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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