FarmVille Pic of the Day: Chippy27's techno-punk pasture


farmville chippy27 featured farm
farmville chippy27 featured farm

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I found this neat farm while looking through my collection of farm designs. So even though it's way out of style, I'm bringing GagaVille back for one more FarmVille Pic of the Day. Check out some of our past GagaVille featured designs here and here.

Farm artist, Chippy27, hasn't done anything too technically impressive with their farm, but I think it's unique enough to be featured here on The design created with the different flowers, crops, and items is totally psychedelic. Imagine walking down the path towards the Electric Chapel with all the insane crystal and fluorescent pink pastures all around you. It would certainly be a wedding to remember.

What do you think of Chippy27's techno-punk pasture?

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