Facebook working to bring Credits to mobile browsers [Rumor]

Facebook Credits
Facebook Credits

The rumored Project Spartan, Facebook's HTML5-centric effort to escape the App Store via your phone's web browser, could make bookoo bucks. Bloomberg reports that, according to three unnamed sources, Facebook is in talks with developers in an effort to bring Facebook Credits to mobile browsers. Couple a mobile version of Facebook--complete with support from app and game developers including the omnipotent Zynga--and a payment platform to support shopping within those games, and Facebook becomes its own mobile app company of sorts.

Purchases made within Facebook-connected apps downloaded from the App Store or Android Market don't provide Facebook with the 30 percent cut it enjoys on the web, thanks to Facebook Credits. So, it only makes sense that, if the company is focused on a mobile browser-based Facebook offering, that its cash cow would be included. Speaking of cows, it's rumored that Zynga is working on a number HTML5-based versions of its hit games, including FarmVille, for this new mobile browser Facebook.

Bloomberg event hints at an upcoming change to how new apps and games might be discovered on the web version of Facebook. Citing more unnamed sources, Bloomberg reports that Facebook might soon have a separate News Feed solely for posts related to Facebook games and apps that will appear on the right side of the browser window. We've contacted Facebook for comment.

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