Darth Vader, a Goat and a Pizza Delivery Guy Walk Into an Apple Store ... [Video]

Who has the nicest, most easygoing and accommodating employees in New York? Mark Malkoff (comedian/filmmaker/New Yorker) postulated that the Apple stores will let you get away with just about anything there -- they even encourage customers to take videos of themselves dancing in the stores. So he set out to prove just how much they'll allow by pulling several outrageous stunts in various stores in the New York area, and he documented his antics in a video just to prove his theory.

First Malkoff ordered a pizza to be delivered to him inside the SoHo store. "Did you just order a pizza? That's awesome!" responded an Apple employee when the pizza arrived. He did, however, decline the slice Malkoff offered him.

Next, Malkoff set up a romantic dinner date with his wife Christine in the Fifth Avenue location. He wore a suit, she wore a little black dress, they dined on food they'd brought with them, and even had musicians in to play for them. Employees were supportive, but drew the line at Malkoff's request to dim the lights while they danced.

Then Malkoff hit the Apple Store in West Nyack, N.Y., dressed as the "most evil man in the world," Darth Vader, to get his iPhone repaired. While at first the employees suggested that he use The Force to fix it, they soon happily obliged his request.

And finally Malkoff had heard that Apple stores were pet friendly, but he wanted to see just how far that policy would go, so he brought a goat on a leash into the store at Broadway and 67th Street. Hardly an eyebrow was raised.

"I'm amazed by what the Apple Store will allow. There are hundreds of videos online of customers singing and dancing in the middle of their stores. It's hard to imagine any other big chain greeting my antics with laughs and hugs," he said.

Malkoff has pulled a number of similar workplace antics, including living and sleeping in an IKEA store in Paramus, N.J., for an entire week, and visiting and consuming purchases from all 171 Starbucks locations in Manhattan in less than 24 hours.

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