Upgrade the CityVille Video Game Store: Everything you need to know

CityVille Video Game Store upgrade
CityVille Video Game Store upgrade

No, this doesn't upgrade the quality of the game. (Zing!) Zynga has released upgrades to the Video Game Store in CityVille. Thanks to recent changes to how Businesses are upgraded in CityVille, or rather Mastered, all you need for your Video Game Store to transform into the next virtual GameStop are Goods. Really.

Just mouse over your Video Game Store, and a green arrow should appear hovering over it. Click on the Business, and the screen pictured below will appear. The window shows each level of Mastery, and how it will effect your Video Game Store for better.

Then, you'll notice a green meter, which when filled to 50 will automatically boost your Business to Level 2 and change its appearance. Each harvest of an upgradable Business nets players one point towards Mastery, but there are other ways:

  • Crew: Each crew member that you add gives your business +10 (+20 at level 2) to upgrade progress.

  • City Cash: For 2 City Cash you can add +1 to upgrade progress.

  • Tour Buses: For each tour bus you send to an upgradeable business it gains +1 upgrade progress.

CityVille Video Game Store upgrade menu
CityVille Video Game Store upgrade menu

Friends are probably the smartest route these days when upgrading Businesses, so not much has changed. However, at least it's not a requirement. Once the Video Game Store is ready to upgrade, you will have to spend a bit of Energy to build the additions. Now, when will Zynga release a Business like the "Social Games Store"--that would make billions.

[Source and Image Credit: Zynga]

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