Zynga plots to change CityVille expansions for better or worse [Rumor]

CityVille Expansions changing
CityVille Expansions changing

A nasty rumor, at that. Well, at least for folks who have strong feelings for Expansions in CityVille. According to CityVille Info, Zynga plans on changing the way Expansions are handled in the game. The website seems to quote in-game text that reads, "The Government has passed new laws on expansions. Check it out now!" However, the source of the quote remains unknown, as does its intent.

The provided image seems to be what might appear to players who come across the feature, whenever or if it does release. At the moment, Expansions are items in the Build menu that cost 20,000 Coins and Zoning Permits that players request from friends. So, whatever this change, I guess we can expect at least something in that formula to change. We would recommend buying Expansions beforehand, but what if this new method turns out to be cheaper? Sit tight on this one to see if changes are even made.

[Image Credit: CityVille Info]

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