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We use the Web for everything else these days, so why not as a way to sell our houses? A PR consultant and reader of Menlo Park, Calif., Patch thinks it's an idea whose time has come. According to Kevin Wolf, using social networks like Facebook and Twitter beats the traditional MLS on speed and trust -- and he's so convinced that he's using social tools to sell his own house. What do you think -- will we all be Tweeting to sell our houses soon? Let us know in the comments below.

I have a feeling the real estate industry is about to be transformed by the power of the Internet. The upside to property owners and property buyers is simply too great to ignore. For fun, as well as for practical reasons, I've decided to test this theory.

Around here, we use the Web for everything. So, why not for selling our homes?For years, the tried-and-true approach to selling a home has been: Fix up the place, hire an agent, list your home via the national Multiple Listing Service (MLS), hold an open house, find a buyer.

It's a formula so familiar that most home/property owners don't think twice about it.

The problem is, selling with the MLS is like fishing in the ocean. Sure, you're going to catch fish, but are they really the best fish for you? If you're selling a property in Menlo Park, for example, are you really interested in attracting prospects in far-flung markets like Florida or Wisconsin?

MLS has its benefits, but the system -- which is the primary tool used by Realtors when selling your home -- simply can't compete with the Internet in terms of targeted marketing. Yes, you want to cast a wide net when selling your home. But for precision, you can do better than the MLS.

Social networks are fundamentally changing the way that consumers go to market. Whatever we're selling, we use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and similar Web tools to alert our friends and connections. The reasons are simple: focus and trust.

Menlo Park Patch has the full story.

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