Thomas Sawyer, Cancer Survivor, Gets Soaked By His Own Urine Again By TSA


A former bladder cancer patient was soaked in own urine for the second time earlier this month when his urostomy bag was dislodged by a TSA agent.

When the exact same thing happened to Thomas Sawyer in November, a large outcry on the internet forced TSA administrator John Pistole to issue a personal apology.

Sawyer said he warned agents to be careful of his urostomy bag while at the Detroit Metro Airport en route to Orlando on July 14th, and that both of them handled him roughly. According to the Detroit Free Press, during the latest incident, Sawyer was not asked if he would like to be patted down privately.

Sawyer told the paper that following last year's incident, "I thought that I had really made a difference for people flying with urostomies, I really did. I'm angry this time. They can't be training them properly."

In November, Sawyer recounted his conversation with Pistole to local TV station WILX: "I told him I'm not an angry person, I'm a decent, good American citizen. I know why we have to have these patdowns, but there has to be training and the training just isn't there. I really can't believe that the Detroit TSA agent was the only untrained agent who didn't know what the word urostomy meant."

In June, the adult diaper of a cancer-striken, 95-year old woman was forcibly removed during a TSA search at a Florida airport.

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