Q-Games bringing PixelJunk Monsters to social networks this year


At this year's Casual Connect in Seattle, Q-Games revealed some exciting news for fans of the PixelJunk series - their popular tower defense title PixelJunk Monsters will be receiving the social treatment later this year. While a specific social network for release wasn't announced, we can only guess that it will at least come to Facebook, and potentially even Google+ Games (depending on its release).

As reported by Gamasutra, this social (and more importantly free-to-play) version of the PSN title will hold onto the established tower defense gameplay found in the original (you'll need to place towers, containing weapons, in order to defeat all of the enemies before they can take over your base), but will include some changes for the social space. First, enemies will now move down a single set path. You'll also be able to plant seeds to create towers in new locations. The level map will be grid-based inside of linear, and you'll be able to unlock additional stages and map locations by collecting and using shovels. What does all of this mean? Without knowing any additional details, it at least sounds like things are going to be made a bit more casual, in that players that aren't as experienced with tower defense games will still be able to defend themselves as they'll know exactly where the enemies will walk over time, as the path is clearly marked.

In terms of social features, you'll still be able to climb leaderboards against your friends based on your high scores, but any other social features weren't announced at the time (unfortunately). We were given one small idea to think about though - while there was no confirmation that co-op gameplay would be available (as in the PSN version of the game), Q-Games also hasn't denied it, as of this writing. I'll leave that one in the category of cautious optimism, if you don't mind. Score!

Would you like to play PixelJunk Monsters (or any other PixelJunk game) on Facebook? What sorts of social features would you like to see added to a tower defense game on the platform? If PixelJunk Monsters didn't launch on Facebook, but did on Google+ Games, would you make the jump to play it there? Sound off in the comments.