Greg Kiss' 'Awesome Alps:' Photographer Talks The Challenges Of Filming In The Alps

Photographer and Vimeo user Greg Kiss has uploaded a pretty sweet video of the Alps, shot between June and July of this year between France's Rhône-Alpes and Switzerland's Etat du Valais.

Kiss told AOL Travel that he had to carefully monitor weather conditions and visit the mountains near Zermatt three to four times to get the perfect conditions, even sleeping on the mountains he filmed at 3,000 meters above sea level.

"I am not a mountaineer," Kiss wrote in an email, "but today I have much respect to all the mountaineers out there with their will to climb the summits of some of the most famous mountains in the world."

Kiss also traveled to Chamonix, a town in France, which is a meeting point to climb Mount Blanc. "I knew from pictures of Art Wolfe, one of my favorite landscape photographers since the day I have started with photography, that you have to shoot the Mount Blanc massive from Lac Blanc which is on the other side of the valley. Unfortunately, here again the weather conditions have to be perfect. You need a clear day and night with absolutely no winds. For weather conditions like that you have to wait up to 3-4 weeks and than you have a 'good weather gap' of a day or maybe two.

I had this time frame when I was shooting the scene starting at 0:59. I knew that on good days at 3 a.m. maybe 50 or even 100 mountaineers are starting to climb Mt. Blanc. What I did not know was that I can really capture their flashlights and their climbing track in the middle of the night at 1:12 / 1:13. This one was a lucky punch, I was there at the right time, sleeping in my sleeping bag at 2,300 meters above see level, and than I saw these flashlights.... It was an incredible feeling!"


awesome alps from Greg Kiss Photography on Vimeo.

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